Parma Restaurant - Italian cuisine | New York, NY

Authentic Italian Cuisine

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Dine with the best in the business

Choose Parma Restaurant and you will taste the best authentic Italian cuisine

that Manhattan has to offer. Meet our friendly and cordial staff who go above

and beyond to ensure that you are treated like a member of the Parma

Restaurant family.

Meet our polite, friendly, and accommodating staff today!

We are able to cater to almost

every food issue!


pasta plate


Oyster Cocktail

Clams on the Half Shell

Clams Oreganate




Pasta Fagioli

Zuppa del Giorno

shrimp cocktails pasta soup


Parma Salad

Provolone cheese, artichokes, mushrooms, endive, lettuce,

and radicchio


Endive, radicchio, and arugula

caesar salad

Clams Casino

Homemade pastas and desserts

Take advantage of Parma Restaurant's homemade pastas and desserts made on-site every day! When it comes to a good Italian meal, "homemade" makes a difference.

Decades of experience

Since 1977, Parma Restaurant has been serving you quality homemade Italian meals and desserts. Come in today and see what over 35 years of experience can do for you!

Melone & Prosciutto di Parma

Fresh Roasted Peppers

Shrimp Cocktail

Prosciutto e Melone


In a white or red sauce

roasted pepper

House Salad

Caesar Salad

Arugula Salad

Buffalo Salad

Endive Salad

Heart of Lettuce

With tomato

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